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I make money by selling things online and I help others do the same. I have websites, a social media presence, in various forms, and I run eBay stores.

In more than twelve years and more than 50,000 transations I have never (yet) had negative feedback. I am a Top Rated and Premium seller on eBay.

In the past I have run a number of businesses, some more “successful” than others, in which I often worked with some of the biggest household names in UK. I have been involved with shopping centre management, retail consultancy and property. I have taught in adult education – Creative Writing, Marketing and Business Start-up – as well as some random stuff, like teaching Salsa dancing.

My work has always involved delivering high levels of customer service and enjoyment and that’s what I love most about business.

Making lots of money in itself is not success but merely a mechanical process. Success is a feeling and how you interpret what you have done will dictate that. I believe there is no real success without kindness and integrity.

I am very happy to share my experience and understanding.

Best wishes,

Jerry Stampfer.

My Recommendations Policy

I recommend various products and suppliers from time-to-time, some, but not all, of which pay a small commission for sales resulting from my referring link.

I only recommend when I am satisfied that the supplier has a similar ethos and outlook to my own, especially regarding:

  • Sustainability
  • High levels of customer service
  • Social responsibility
  • Paying a fair share of UK taxes
  • Looking after employees
  • Treat their suppliers as well as they treat their customers

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